Raising Minimum Wage Now

Most politicians agree that the minimum wage should be raised.  Even corporate America is beginning to support raising the minimum wage.  And, of course, most Americans support raising the minimum wage.

Raising the minimum wage alone is not the solution to solving the economic inequality problem.  But, sitting back and doing nothing certainly isn’t going to help.  And, with all of the support, why hasn’t it happened yet.

Income for the typical household has fallen 2.4% since 1999.  Of the 10 occupations that the Labor Department projects will produce the most jobs in the coming decade, five pay a median wage of less than $12 an hour.  Raising the minimum wage can increase the income floor for the growing group of American families that rely on minimum wage jobs.

It is also a matter of fairness for corporations in America that want to do the right thing.  Walmart has raised the minimum wage for their employees because it is the right thing to do, and it is not fair for them and other corporations to do it on their own.  You could argue that Walmart can raise the minimum wage because Walmart can afford to do so. Walmart has profits of about $15 billion annually, the CEO has earned almost $65 million over the last three years, and the company has paid $18 billion in dividends over the last three years.

If Walmart can afford to raise the minimum wage, we need more employers like them and less that are only willing to build their wealth off of the backs of their minimum wage employees.  It is time for us to demand that our politicians focus on raising the minimum wage, regardless of who is elected in the coming elections. And, we can’t let this discussion end after the elections.

Click Here to contact your senator and demand that they focus on raising the minimum wage as soon as possible.



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