Jason believes that in order to achieve economic justice and inclusiveness, we will have to harness the collective economic power of our entire population and work together. To that end, Jason began ShareAway in 2015. Jason hadn’t written one line of code in his life so the majority of the time was spent learning and writing code to develop the back-end software for ShareAway, as well as the mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. But, he has also handled accounting, reporting, the legal work, financing, marketing and every other issue involved in starting ShareAway – a busy year.

Prior to founding ShareAway, Jason practiced corporate finance law in New York and Charlotte for 18 years.  Jason served as counsel for investment banks and issuers in connection with tens of billions of dollars of financing transactions, including off-balance sheet financing, convertible debt, investment grade and high-yield debt, equity, numerous types of hybrid securities and debt restructuring transactions.  He also provided counsel to dozens of public-company clients in connection with corporate governance, corporate ethics, compliance and SEC filings and reports.

Jason serves or has served a broad range of civic organizations including a domestic abuse shelter, a foundation that teaches children with disabilities through movement instruction and several other organizations.

Jason has a degree in Government from Cornell University and a law degree from West Virginia University College of Law.