Trump Declares War On 99% of Americans

Trump rode to his election as president-elect with a populist message that resonated with disaffected working class and all of us in the bottom 99% who are hoping to reshape the playing field to give us a chance. The result is that we were conned into allowing an unabashed leader of the top 0.1% to wage war on society.

“People have been paying in for years. They’re gonna cut Social Security. They’re gonna cut Medicare. They’re gonna cut Medicaid. I’m the one saying that I’m not gonna do that,” Trump declared on Fox News when speaking about the other republican candidates. Trump was absolute in his promise to protect Medicare and not privatize it, because he knew that he could not be elected if he did not make that promise. Trump knew that his populist message would be lost if he promised to transfer control of Medicare to wealthy special interests. But, now, he has been elected. Trump doesn’t need your vote anymore.

So, today, Trump chose Rep. Tom Price to oversee the nation’s health care system. Price is the primary advocate in Washington to privatize medicare and to hand the reigns over to special interest groups and the wealthy. Trump specifically opposed this plan during the campaign.

Price has also proposed allowing people to opt-out of medicare and to take a tax credit. The idea is that if you are extremely wealthy, you can help defund medicare by removing yourself from its insurance pool. And, then you can keep the wealth for yourself because, after all, you shouldn’t have to deal with the same problems that the rest of the 99% have to deal with. And, you certainly shouldn’t have to pay any taxes. Trump has also proposed a plan to allow wealthy individuals to deduct the cost of health insurance.

The message Trump is sending is very clear. If you are in the bottom 99%, you are on your own, and he will do everything he can so that other wealthy people can grow their wealth by limiting your health care options. If you are in the top 1%, don’t worry, he doesn’t pay any taxes so he doesn’t think you should have to either. At the end of the day, despite his promises and despite his populist rhetoric, it appears to have been a con job to wage war on everyday people so the wealthy can become wealthier.


2 thoughts on “Trump Declares War On 99% of Americans

  1. We’re retired, live in a motorhome, (by choice,) and have a basic retirement income. (None left over.) We try to use what we can to help some others. Not in wonderful health, but we’re ok to be in our mid 70’s. What can we do?

  2. I am very interested in hearing what others think that we can do and how you help others. I am also so hopeful that the GOP’s threatened Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security cuts won’t happen and won’t affect wonderful people like you who have already made this country great.

    One little thing that we are doing and hope will become big – we are trying to build an economic platform that will share wealth. But it will take time. Yesterday, we launched a social media app, called ShareAway. The idea is that ShareAway will be 100% owned by everyday Americans like you. And, eventually, if we can grow ShareAway, 100% of the profits will go to everyday Americans like you and me, instead of to a handful of wealthy people. If other companies are formed to share wealth and those companies grow too, who knows how much wealth can be shared with those of us in the bottom 95%.

    But, ShareAway won’t be able to pay people’s health care costs for the next four years. It won’t be able to replace retirement income from the social security system that people have paid into for their entire lives. I fear it is going to be a pretty tough four years for people who are not in the top 5% of incomes or wealth. Somehow, we have to hold Trump to his campaign promises. Bernie Sanders just gave a great speech about holding Trump to his word.

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