You Are the Solution to the Income Inequality Problem

Almost every one of us (wealthy or not) recognizes that there is a problem with income inequality in our society.

“There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” – Warren Buffet.

You are the solution. Together, we can win class warfare because we can win at capitalism and the free market economy.  We, the 99%, have an enormous amount of market power. In fact, we are the market. When we learn to harness even a tiny fraction of our market power, we will be unstoppable and we will be able to create a more just society.

During this election cycle, and for decades, we discussed how the income inequality problem can be solved by voting. And while voting is important, choosing between two candidates doesn’t really seem to make much of a difference.

You may wish Hillary Clinton had been chosen, and this is Donald Trump’s explanation – “The Wall Street investors who have rigged the regulations against the middle class – they are donating to Hillary Clinton… She and her financial backers will say anything, do anything, lie about anything to keep their grip on power, to keep their control over this country.”

Donald Trump, himself a billionaire, is proving to be much worse. On the campaign trail, Donald promised to break the connection between Wall Street and our government. Then, he immediately picked his friend, Steve Mnuchin, to head the Treasury. Mnuchin was a Wall Street banker who made a fortune on the mortgage crisis. Donald, despite his campaign promises, immediately handed the keys to the Treasury to a Wall Street banker from Goldman Sachs who helped cause the crash. Donald also picked his friend Wilbur Ross, a fellow billionaire and private equity investor who has valued profits over life and built his wealth on the misfortune of others, to be his Commerce secretary. And, even Donald’s supporter, Sarah Palin has criticized Donald’s Carrier deal as “crony capitalism.”

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald is going to solve this problem. You are the solution to the income inequality problem. Together, we are the solution. There are probably millions of ways for us to exercise our market power to help achieve income equality. And, we should share those ideas with each other.

And, this is not just talk. ShareAway is a tool for you to start exercising your market power. ShareAway is a social media app that will be owned by you – by us. By using an asset that belongs to us, we will begin taking back our wealth.

Right now, our data and our digital communities, from Facebook to Yelp, are in the hands of a very few wealthy people. It is a zero sum game. Each day when you use social media, ride-sharing apps, crowd-funding sites, consumer review sites, online videos, etc…, you are giving your assets (usually in the form of your data) to someone who is wealthy. By using their online service, they have more and you have less.

ShareAway has been designed for you to take those assets back for yourself. The asset is your digital self so it is innately your asset to keep. You, personally, are actually the value so it would be great if you could stop transferring that value to someone wealthy.

In a couple of weeks, ShareAway will be available to users. If we work together and use our market power, we can take a first step toward economic justice in America. ShareAway is not politics. It is not an empty promise. It is an effort to use our market power to make our economy work for us. And, please share your ideas for other ways to make the economy work for us. We have the power. We are the power.

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